As fall unfolds

My mood gravitates between edgy and hopeful as fall unfolds.  If the political darkness hides a dawn, I have yet to see the merest glimmer on the horizon.  But my tiny house has come to be a comfortable haven.  I spent a handful of happy hours puttering around the place yesterday; another declutter; a few more honest assessments of what I do not, after all, need on the counter.  

The birds begin to show themselves with greater boldness at the river and in the trees overhead.  I watched a heron launch herself from a high wire the other day, catching a shot just as her strong legs pushed from the metal in the easy morning light.  I did not get a picture of the egret in a nearby tree.  A truck roared past between my lens and the branches, startling her, sending her aloft.  I watched with something close to envy as she glided down the course of the slough.

A quick flick of red tail launched a hawk from a telephone poll just ahead of my clunky shutter.  But in the next moment, a crow held still while a single shaft of light glinted from her wing as I watched.  

Soon I will celebrate my third anniversary here, just before Christmas, when the year’s end looms.  By then our destiny as a nation will be written.  I will not speak of my fear.  I will walk with gentle steps as the finch flits overhead and the mourning dove coos.  My soul has found some comfort here, amid the quiet strength of nature and the migrating birds.  I sit on my porch, close my eyes, and listen to the wind in the trees while my coffee cools and the sun warms my tired face.

It’s the twenty-sixth day of the ninety-first month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

If you want to see videos of #mytinylife and learn about #mytinyhouse, Angel’s Haven, visit my YouTube Channel HERE.   I am not a frequent poster.  The videos are only about my house and my life as a tiny house dweller.  Nothing else.  I’m not trying to be an influencer, just keep a few dozen people informed.  You can subscribe.  I post about once a month.  I do not professionally edit my videos; I barely edit them at all.  They are purely amateur attempts to document the process of living tiny.  I have a new one in the works, so watch for that in the coming days.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “As fall unfolds

  1. Katrina TAGGART

    I particularly love the pictures on today’s post, especially the red tail! I’m glad you kept it in the bunch. I don’t comment often, but rest assured I read each missive you post and relish them all.

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      I am so glad you like that redtail! The hawk took off just as I was snapping another shot! Always happens! But the fanned tail is so lovely, isn’t it?


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