Another Beautiful Day In Paradise

My day started with a deep rich mug of coffee and a long conversation with my neighbor Noah.  After he helped me carry my ridiculous collection of boots into Angel’s Haven, I spent a pleasant hour puttering among my possessions. I moved some blankets to make a space for the boots. I re-folded the blankets into a little crevice on the far side of the cedar chest.  A load of towels went into the washer unit.  

As the day progressed, and the sun arced above the park, I found myself drawn outside.  A hawk balanced at the top of the tree behind my neighbor’s home to the west.  I slipped inside to get my camera but he vanished in the interim.  I snapped a few frames anyway, just because the trees have never looked so noble nor the blue of the sky more breathtakingly majestic.

Then I went out walking.  I visited with Robin, the newest member of our community, who rewarded me with a heavenly slice of pumpkin souffle.  I stayed long enough for her pups to accept me.  Afterwards, I finished straightening my house, then drowsed in my tiny easy chair with a book at hand.

I like having Fridays off from my ‘day job’.  A gift, this day in between the work-week and the weekend.  It’s another beautiful day in paradise; how could I not be joyful?

It’s the eighteenth day of the seventieth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

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