A Perfect Fit

I struggle with a lot of nagging wrongness.

I gain weight:  My small sizes don’t fit.  I sweat to pull on my pants and cry in front of the mirror.

Someone visits and puts dishes away in a cupboard that I can’t reach.  I fall off the step-stool and curse my well-intended friend.

Though I love my little Prius and remember my mother-in-law when I drive it, truth told, it’s too low and I wince with pain when I slip into the driver’s seat.

These old glasses work on the top and bottom planes, but the middle range leaves me straining to see the computer screen.

I could complain about any one of these situations and more, but instead, I’m taking this moment to brag about an absolutely perfect fit.

My new coffee cup.

The handle has a wide enough opening to accommodate my arthritic fingers.  It holds enough coffee for a satisfying morning jolt but not so much that the last ounce cools before I reach it.  Lightweight, pretty, and delicate without being fragile, this new mug does everything I want a morning cup to do.  Best of all:  I received it as a gift from an extraordinary young woman, my son’s girlfriend Hope Rehak.  Sometimes one right thing makes all the annoying wrong ones vanish from the horizon, leaving nothing but a chance to smile.

It’s the twenty-seventh day of the forty-third month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

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  1. Linda Overton

    That was supposed to be “a very” not Avery. Sorry about that. Darn speelcheck and auto finish.


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