A good kind of tired

Sometimes I resent exhaustion.  My body experiences something that one doctor called, with a straight face, “fatigue even at rest”.  This means that sleep does not refresh me.  I’m often irritated by the phenomenon.  I awake as tired as I went to sleep.  I can’t bear those sappy mattress commercials which show a lovely young woman stretching in the morning with a grin on her face from the best sleep ever.  I envy the thought.

This morning, I do not mind the feeling of an achy body and a groggy head.  I spent yesterday hanging the new show at Suite 100.  I used the curating skills that I gleaned watching Penny Thieme in the first five years of what has become Art @ Suite 100.  Not too matchy-matchy; not boringly straight across; watch the composition; and always, always, hang the show as a whole.  She does it better; but I paid attention and I think she would be proud of her student.

I’m privileged and honored to play hostess to a new group of artists each quarter.  I’m grateful that my partner in the suite both tolerates and supports the effort.  The vision that Penny and I had seven years ago  blossomed into something that could survive.  I hope to form a not-for-profit and take Art @ Suite 100 to other commercial spaces.  I like that I don’t have to charge fees for the artists to participate or take commission from their sales.  I’m thrilled to be able to have fundraisers now and then, for worthy causes such as SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center.

But in all of this, I most enjoy the connections which I have formed, and the art which surrounds me.  I live in a museum, visited periodically by the fierce, the radiant, the valiant, and the inspirational.  How could I complain, dwelling as I do in an ever-changing landscape built by endless imagination and creativity?    I cannot.  Tired but satisfied, I endure.

It’s the twenty-seventh day of the thirty-eighth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.


The ethereal Mary Pettet fine-tunes the wire on one of her works for the show opening March 3rd.

For Information on the March 3rd opening at Suite 100, click HERE.

3 thoughts on “A good kind of tired

  1. Mary Pettet

    My dear Corrine, You are such a brave and beautiful soul. Thank you for your support of the arts. Your kindness and generosity are like a steady heart beat. A drum beat which keeps us all moving forward in this shared dance.Thank you for helping me in all the ways you have. I am proud to call you my friend.


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