Not Complaining About My Tiny Life

Many of you know that I’ve “gone tiny”.  In case you don’t, here’s a tiny bit of information:

I sold my house in Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri.  I had a tiny house on wheels built.  It presently is parked in Park Delta Bay, in the California Delta Loop.

I’m making YouTube videos about My Tiny Life under my name.  You can find them at the below-appearing link:


I’d be pleased as possible if you would subscribe to my YouTube Channel, watch, and comment!

Thank you for your devotion over the last four years.  I’m still striving to live complaint-free, but I’m not complaining about my tiny life!

Your Missouri Mugwump,


Corinne Corley

Kevin Kitsmiller, the builder, and myself in front of my tiny house, Angel’s Haven.