Measure of my day

It’s Wednesday; it’s a cool late summer morning.  I have work to do, writing to continue, and jobs for which to search and apply.  But I chose to find a different way to measure my day.

I’ve run out of money to hire people to do things here at Angel’s Haven.  However, a lot needs to be done.

And so:

Hand-painted dishes (reveal below) from Mexico so very like ones we had in my childhood home, set of five cups and saucers found at Robin’s Nest in Rio Vista:  $5.00

Somebody’s home-made, not-quite-squared-when-built shelf, from the same thrift store:  $3.00

D-rings, wood screws, level, & electric-screw-driver, all already in my toolbox, so, free.

Getting a crooked shelf hung on a crooked wall above a crooked tile back splash with a minimum amount of cursing and only one do-over, AND GETTING IT LEVEL RIGHT ON THE DANG MONEY:



It’s the fifteenth day of the fifty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.



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