Never a Dull Moment

I truly intended only to follow my doctor-at-home’s instructions to seek urgent care for a small medical problem.  I set off to a scheduled “zipline appointment time” at a Lodi facility at 10:30 a.m. yesterday.  Now, at 7:30 a.m., 21 hours later, I’m in-patient at a hospital in Modesto, a town that I did not know existed until about 8:30 last evening.

Life might be a lot of things for me.  Confusing, frightening, tumultuous, exhilarating, wonderful.  Challenging, certainly.  But never dull.

I find myself grateful for the thousandth times for the huge sum of money that I drop each month to maintain my health insurance.  Thanks, too, go out to Pattie Whitaker for bringing my phone charger, computer, hair comb, and a winning smile.  With the wisdom of hindsight, I wish I’d had her bring a few items of clean clothing, which I did not think the hospital would let me utilize.  They would have; and now I’m feeling a tad bit grungy.

But it’s all good.  I had to do a little tearful begging for answers at 1:00 a.m., from a nurse who did not understand the least concept about some of my more complicated medical issues.  I actually had to ask her to listen for a minute instead of repeatedly saying “I don’t know anything about that”.  Fatigue and fear loosed my tongue but I reined in my anger and simply explained, wearily but quietly, what I wanted to have them consider.

So I made it through the night.  This morning, a doctor who has never met me and won’t have the benefit of my medical history will try to find a simple explanation for the small problem that started this odyssey.  I’ll survive, and hopefully, without complaint.

It’s the ninth day of the fifty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

4 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Linda Overton

    I’m reading this a day late so I hope the prayers have brought you the relief you need. I will pray anyway just in case


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