Rainy days and Thursdays

At the coast, you can drive five miles and change weather patterns before you park.

I see the grey closing over us.  I sit in the kitchen at the hostel at Montara.  I’ve eaten the last leftovers.  Though I feel bloated from the heavy food which I’m consumed throughout my three days here, I hope to walk tomorrow.  That will combat the carbs and let the sea air  permeate my cells.

I spent most of the day in Half Moon Bay.  A luscious piece of lemon cake followed a disappointing poorly cooked falafel. I should not have ordered falafel at the local Mexican place.  But  I felt a quart low on protein and little else caught my eye.

I didn’t mind.  I enjoyed my friend Kristin’s company and the pot of tea.  And that cake — well, other than the carb-load and calorie content, it did the trick.  Nobody can complain about a light, lovely piece of cake saturated with lemon drizzle and topped with strawberries.

The sun surrendered to the rain just after 2:00 p.m.  It doesn’t concern me.  I’ve extended my stay until Saturday morning.  Tomorrow I will find somewhere to walk.  I’ll stand as close to the ocean as possible and let the sound of the waves dance over me.  Rainy days and Thursdays never depress me.  How can I complain, with all this beauty so close at hand?

It’s the fifteenth day of the fifty-first month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Miramar Beach, Half Moon Bay, CA

One thought on “Rainy days and Thursdays

  1. Linda Overton

    You expressed it so well that I began to salivate. I can see why you love that place. It looks very peaceful.


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