In Which I Confess My Sins

How many frustrating encounters with professionals and corporations does it take to make a person devoted to living joyfully lose her cool?(footnote)

Starting in September 2017:

  1. A realtor who (it seems, as far as we can discern) uses my money to pay people who did not properly execute the work for which he paid them;
  2. Another realtor who (by all appearances and the determination of myself and my attorney, on facts as we were able to ascertain them) finds out about a fraudulent cloud on my house’s title three weeks before she discloses it to me, and then disclaims responsibility for assisting with it (and when I cry in exhaustion, fatigue and frustration, tells me I’m ‘not being nice’);
  3. The title company employee who (it seems) found the fraudulent cloud, did not timely advise me of it, and then disclaimed her responsibility in the matter;
  4. The bosses of the said realtor and said title company employee, who sighed their sorrow over their employees’ apparent failures but disavowed the ability to help;
  5. A car salesman who “mistakenly describes” a car’s features;
  6. A car salesman’s supervisor who botches the attempt to rectify the features about which his employee “mistakenly spoke”;
  7. An installer who incorrectly installs the equipment for which he was paid (by the car salesman’s supervisor, to rectify the car salesman’s “mistakes”);
  8. A cable/internet provider who promises service and sends the wrong technician who badmouths his co-workers and stomps off in a huff as though it’s the customer’s fault he’s been sent in error; and
  9. Ten call-center employees of said cable/internet provider, two online-chat-agents of said provider, three social media coordinators of said provider, and a half-dozen computer-generated voice-prompted call systems of said provide.

January 2018 —

I finally snapped and yelled at the very last human being at said cable/internet provider, who STILL did not do anything, then I got online and cancelled the cable/internet order in firmly typed all caps.   I do not think the person on the other end could possibly have misunderstood my frustration.  My rhetoric included no expletives but certainly got the point across.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

My name is Corinne, and I’m a recovering complainer.  I last complained four hours ago.

Hi, Corinne.



(footnote) All circumstances described in this entry are my opinion of what happened.  Names are withheld to protect both innocent and guilty, and to prevent anyone drawing any conclusion as to which is which.  Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion about events.  These opinions are mine.  No defamation is meant. I am sure all these people believe themselves to be righteous and let them, I say.  Let them feel as they wish.

10 thoughts on “In Which I Confess My Sins

  1. Joyce Kramer

    Mary Corinne. Your complaints are shared by many when they move. The worst for me was when three days before closing, after driving me mad for almost two months with paperwork, the mortgage co., (which signed off on a guaranty of providing a certain needed term), reneged after saying he would cure. I was fulminating at the mouth and felt sharp, stabbing pains in my chest, when he said “well you could find another lender”. Fortunately for all of us, it was finally resolved.

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      I have no anecdotal evidence of the existence of an honest realtor, a trustworthy cable employee, or a reliable salesperson. Sadly.

    2. Wendy oliver

      Was the bank named bank south? If so, it’s a pattern. And yes, moving is probably the most frustrating event ever, doubly if you are buying/selling property. I, too, am a victim.

      1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

        Wendy: No bank involved. Long story! Had I been told about it when the title company and realtor knew about it; or not ultimately told ‘we’re in a waiting pattern”, it might have been easy to fix. As it was, their delay and apparent . . . missteps?. . . forced me to put aside packing and client-related work and spend a total of 33 hours of my time and five or six hours of hired attorney time, at the very last possible moment to maintain the closing date. But between my wonderful lawyer and me, we got it done despite the lack of assistance from the professionals whose job it was to help me through closing.

    3. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      JK — But it worked out for you, of which I’m glad. People tend to know when we are most vulnerable and kick us in the soft spots. I try to understand that they are suffering inside and taking it out on others.

  2. Jeanne Foster

    I am glad you finally yelled. Shows you are a human and not a computer. Yes, our world is sadly incompetent. “Les incompetentes!” Sick of them. People who blame others, people who are lazy, people who have stacked arms and rest in place doing absolutely nothing. While some of us do all the heavy lifting. Yell away!

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      Jeanne, you make fair points. But to be honest, I do not mind those who sit with arms folded and let me work, as much as I mind those who claim to be working on my behalf, do not do what they claim to be doing, and then act morally indignant when I’m upset. Their conduct is generally labelled “gaslighting” in the psychology world. Like the realtor who said “you’re not being nice”, rather than saying “I let you down; how can I help you recover from this difficulty?” Gaslighting is an insidious behavior. The gaslighter wants you to believe you are crazy or that your perception is delusional — or because you are “not nice”.

      But I digress. . . I got through it, despite encountering these people. I’m better for it, and my resolve to restore my joyful demeanor shines through. I have reached the point where I can recover. I really pity these folks: They must be really unhappy inside, to have to abuse others like this!

  3. Linda Overton

    as someone who has always lived in rentals, I can’t fully understand what it feels like, but from your descriptions I think you were extremely patient to have taken so much before yelling.


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