Life’s little ironies, technology division

When I moved to Park Delta Bay, I assessed the reasonableness of its lot fee based upon available resources, which included  free wi-fi.  Of course, wind, birds, and the distance of my lot from the source of said wi-fi all make use of it either impossible or impractical.  Simply put, it does not work from Angel’s Haven.

I’m not complaining.  I’ve tried it from near the source with success, so I understand this glitch arises from the imperfections of technology.  That said:  I work from home. I need internet.

The office advised me that two companies service residents in our park.  One provides internet only for about $105.00 per month.  Ouch.  The other provides television and internet, high-speed and wi-fi included, for $70.00 per month (if you register for paperless and auto-pay, which gives a discount).

But there’s a catch.

For the install, you must have a television.

Forehead slapping moment for the lady who gave away not one but TWO televisions when she went tiny!!!!

I didn’t fret.  I got on Amazon Prime and ordered the smallest television imaginable.  Also seventy-bucks, as it happens.  It arrived yesterday to the enormous amusement of the park manager, who lifted it into my car right after she handed me the box holding my new porch mat.  The mat outweighed the television by a lot, even though  the television package also included a metal bracket for wall-mounting,.  When I got everything open, I sat at my tiny house table in my tiny house chair and had a good, big laugh at my tiny house television, which fits the bill just fine.  The installer can test his equipment and then, if I like, I can put the darn thing in a storage drawer since I have absolutely no desire to watch television.  Tiny or otherwise.

The irony and its enormous hilarious impact on my mood yesterday will stay with me for a very long time.  Meanwhile, the sun shines, the rain has stopped, and my mood lifts despite any missteps in getting Angel’s Haven perfectly situated.  I have many concerns about the world and how it operates, but today, I have no complaints.

It’s the eleventh day of the forty-ninth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

One thought on “Life’s little ironies, technology division

  1. Linda Overton

    If that remote belongs to the tiny TV, it is even larger than said TV. That is very funny. What a wry sense of humor you and I possess. I really like following your blog.


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