Life’s little ironies

I’ve learned a lot this week.

Unlimited Data doesn’t mean “unlimited” to Verizon Wireless; it means, you get as much as you want on your cell phone but only 15 somethings at high speed on your mobile hotspot after which it drops down to a tiny fraction of the speed unless you pay more money.

The people who can address Verizon Wireless’s misleading sales pitch of their Unlimited Data plan don’t have email addresses.

Internet access through an internet-only provider costs twice as much as internet access through a TV provider; and if you want the latter, you have to have a TV on-site at install.  Life’s little ironies number 1,462:  I need high-speed wi-fi to work from home but I gave away both of my televisions when I moved.

A little 16-incher costs $70 bucks from Amazon. It’s on the way, which eats up 1/3 of the savings that I got from the promotional free-installation.

I’m not complaining, though.  I’ll get the Internet going; and it won’t be too much of a strain on my budget.   It will enable me to continue practicing despite being 1800 miles away from my office, and to swiftly apply for jobs within a fifty-mile radius.  I’ll keep blogging.  I’ll keep working on my book.  I’ll keep in touch, I’ll keep streaming, I’ll keep watching videos from other tiny house dwellers and thinking about what it might be like a year or two from now, if I hitch myself to a pick-up, move a hundred miles north, and go solar.

Meanwhile, it’s raining in the Delta.  The Republicans still have a death grip on our country.  Trump’s still president and despite his rather petulant assurances of being a very smart stable genius, I am not confident that he won’t send us to WWIII in a snit of infantile rage.

But last night we all beheld  a sea of glorious black dresses and tuxedos as the women and men of Hollywood declared that #TimesUp and they will no longer tolerate the sexual abuse and harassment of women or, for that matter, of men.  I had a lively discussion on the phone today about the engagement of millenials in the salvation of our nation.  I got invited to a local Rotary club’s breakfast meeting later this week, and I’m one step closer to having the electronic features promised at purchase installed for free on my RAV4.  I’m feeling hopeful.

It’s the eighth day of the forty-ninth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.




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