At day’s end

Over the last five days, I remembered some of the goodness  which I often overlook.

I  haven’t slept well or eaten much since last Thursday.  I didn’t do any laundry.   I skipped my yoga stretches, blogged very rarely, and ventured outside only when absolutely necessary.

I laid around on the couch, sneezing, coughing, reading novels, and wishing I felt better.

But a few truths emerged about my life which I forget from time to time.  Many of the folks who care about me reached out in one way or another to check on me.  A doctor visit underscored how lucky I am to have a fantastic primary care doc who understands the complexity of my health issues.  From my vantage point on the couch, I watched the flags on my house rippling in Sunday’s wind.  The lovely sight prompted me to get out my thank-you notes to write to my next-door-neighbor Scott who installed the new brackets for me.  I’m grateful to have such considerate folks around me.

Being sick has been taxing.  But as Scarlet said, Tomorrow is another day.  Tonight my ears have the hollow echo of a low-grade fever, but I plan to suit up and show up at the office tomorrow.  Coughs still wrack my body periodically but I’m not complaining.  It could always be worse.  It has been worse.  Never mind that yesterday I hacked so hard that I fell backwards and lay on the kitchen floor a bit dazed for ten minutes.  I broke nothing.  I survived.  At day’s end, in the stillness of the house, a quiet comfort settles over me.

It’s the sixth day of the thirty-eighth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.



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