Me by the numbers

Here I am, numerically measured today:

Number of coats on the backs of chairs in my dining room: 7.

Number of hats sitting on my dining room table: 3.

Pairs of gloves by said hats: 2.

Eggs cooked in a cast iron skillet this week: 4.  Number of unbroken yolks: 1.

Happy clients so far this week: 1-1/2 (too early to tell on one of them).

Hours slept since Sunday: 25.

Cups of coffee so far this morning: 1/2.

Leftover Hershey’s kisses eaten yesterday: 5.

Number of hugs that I’ve gotten this week: 10.  Percentage which came from Rotarians: 50%.

Christmas presents for other people sitting on my buffet: 13.  Portion wrapped so far: 6.

Score between me and the trash: 3 – zip, my favor.

Positive attitude barometer:  100%.

It’s the sixteenth day of the thirty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.


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