Grateful for Genevieve

A great gal, is Genevieve.

Out beyond the border of complaint lies a field of gratitude.  My Year Without Complaining pushes me in that direction.  A  wide expanse of lovely flowers, Dorothy’s poppies perhaps, or Queen Anne’s lace, dances in the delicate breezes.   I find so many wonderful women walking strong and sure among the fragrant blooms.  They season my life and ease my sorrows.  How can I complain when the universe sends so many sister leopards with their matching spots?

One such creature celebrates the anniversary of her birth today.  Genevieve McBrayer Casey eased herself into my life with lilting tones and splendid photographs.  I enjoy her art.  Even more, I admire her  spirit.  The radiance of her smile has no match.  I know that she has met challenges but she remains unbroken.

I can only guess at the compendium of chance which weaves itself around her being to bolster what she knows and keep her steady on her own path.  Whatever comes her way seems to fall on the floor of the spinning room in gossamer threads.  Hers might be the gentlest Midas touch the world has ever known.

I am grateful for you, Genevieve.  May you have the most fabulous of birthdays.  Know that when I am around you, I nearly abandon any glimmer of complaint.  Your  influence lifts me above the quagmire of self-pity.  Thank you, my friend.

It’s the seventh day of the thirty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.



Genevieve McBrayer Casey and I standing in front of one rendition of her photograph, “Floating”, of which I own a different version. Mine is printed on canvas and framed in wood. The one depicted here is printed on metal.

 To see more of Genevieve’s work, click HERE.

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