Bend and stretch

Love it or hate it, the “interweb thingy” provides amazing opportunities to see into remote areas of the world.  When I can find no inspiration in the rooms through which I aimlessly wander, when I can take no courage from the hollow echo of my footsteps, I often sit and browse the videos which randomly march through the trail of social media.

On one such occasion, I discovered a clip which pulled me up onto my little crippled feet and got me stretching my spastic muscles and creaking my degenerated disks.  Here then, for you, to keep you going one more day, and to encourage you to join me in my crusade for joy and life, I offer a video of the world’s oldest runway model.  After you watch it, get up, get going, bend, stretch — reach for the sky.

It’s the twenty-fourth day of the thirty-fourth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

DESHUN WANG: World’s Oldest Runway Model


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