A little nudge to the good side

I enjoyed my breakfast with Pat Reynolds today; and getting a load of work out of the way.  The DMV yielded a new handicapped hang-tag in record time; and the TSA-Pre process turned out to be a breeze.  But an unpleasant encounter or two and a spot of worry pulled me down in the doldrums.  Self-pity lured me close to the edge.

Then I walked into the kitchen, let the dog out, and spied a little nudge, an unexpected reminder, a penny from heaven.

It certainly had not been on my back doorstep this morning.  It has no layer of dust, no sign of grime like the stoop on which it sits.  It’s just one of those little  reminders to look for something good where I least think to find it.

A spring came to my step and a smile to my lips.  I went about the rest of my evening a little closer to being in a good mood.

It’s an early day tomorrow, so this will have to be my morning note.  It’s night-time, the day before the twenty-fourth day of the thirty-second month of My [Endless] Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.


2 thoughts on “A little nudge to the good side

  1. Pat

    Enjoyed our brief time together. Time with you is always interesting, inspiring, and full of intelligent conversation


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