Complaining about complaining about complaining

I recently found myself standing in the kitchen of my office suite holding forth about a conversation in which I had participated.  I called it “venting” and described the subject of my tirade as having babbled on and on about someone else’s negative outlook on life.  In the middle of the tirade, I realized that I was complaining about complaining about complaining.  I started to laugh.  Now instead of just learning to live my life without complaining, I need to focus on living my life without negativity of any kind.  That could take a little more adjustment, since people who voice negativity lurk around every corner.  But more to the point:  Negativity clutches my soul with its tenacious tendrils, and needs to be rooted out with vigorous effort and a sturdy spade.  This should be an interesting week.


2 thoughts on “Complaining about complaining about complaining

  1. Cindy Cieplik

    I am reading one of Og Mandino’s scrolls daily to root out negativity. I believe it’s working sloooowly! 🙂


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