Lying in bed, I listen to the roll of thunder.  The storm seems to be moving away from my neighborhood but I see the occasional flash of lightening.  I close my eyes and think about the 150 folks who have RSVP’ed for the Suite 100 art reception today.  I wonder if they will find the rain too daunting to venture into Westport.  A sigh escapes me.

A few minutes pass in which I find myself letting a prayer whisper through my mind.  During this brief respite, I breathe, in, out, the first moves of the yoga which keeps complete contracture in check.  The thunder rumbles in waves.

My mind wanders; perhaps I sleep.  The little chime on my phone alarm startles me.  With one finger, I silence its song.  Then another sound drifts through my window: the morning birds, twittering, chattering, talking to each other across the yard.

When I open my eyes, I swear the sun is shining.

The Holmes house deck glistens as the sun kisses the night's rainfall.

The Holmes house deck glistens as the sun kisses the night’s rainfall.

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