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Just kidding.  But I’m not kidding when I say that Noah’s Ark Animal Clinic in KC MO totally rocks!  My dog has seizure disorder.  We used to use a different vet, but years ago, the owner of Noah’s Ark rescued our first Beagle, Chocolate, who had run away and got stranded in a busy intersection.  What could we do but switch to her clinic?  The other place now has a huge new facility, but we take our Beagle-Lab rescue, Little Girl, to Noah’s Ark out of loyalty to Dr. Jane.

This morning, I struggled down my front steps with Little Girl straining at the leash.  She pulled me practically straight down to the ground. I nearly let go — I almost called and canceled.  But she needs to have her Phenobarb level checked to be sure she’s within therapeutic range, and she was overdue.  So I skidded down the sidewalk with my eager mutt bounding ahead and begged her to hop into the car.

At the vet’s office, I sat in the parking lot eyeing the short distance from car to door.  I realized, suddenly, that I would never make it without falling.  I told the dog to “stay” and miraculously, she did. (Of course, I soon realized why: Her leash was caught in the door!)  Once inside the building, I had only to ask and a tech willingly agreed to bring the dog inside.

While Little Girl went to the back for a blood draw, I made coffee with the clinic’s Keurig and sat on the wooden bench, talking with other patrons, listening to one thank the tech at the counter for adopting a stray which the customer had found but been unable to keep.  Another lady came for a bag of dog food, seeking assurances that the new packaging did not equate to diminished virtue of the product.  Still another client made herself a cup of coffee and stood talking with me, both of us enjoying the generosity of the place in providing decent coffee for its patients’ owners.

After a bit, Little Girl bounded out from the back room. The bill got settled, and the same tech walked her to the car, all the time talking to her as one might an excitable child.  I made it home and got the dog into the backyard, unclipping her leash, jabbering as I did — settle down, don’t jump, please, and laughing at her rare compliance.

I have to give props where props belong.  Noah’s Ark has taken extraordinary care of several pets for us over the years.  They treat people almost as well as they treat dogs and cats!  And after a life-time of complaining, it does me good to take time from each day to heap a little richly deserved praise on someone’s unsuspecting head.

Our camera-shy pup:  "No pictures, please!"

Our camera-shy pup: “No pictures, please!”

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  1. kati the cousin

    Hey Miss Corinne. How about I fit little girl with a no pull halter? I have a coupe of extra and it might make like bit easier for you.


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