The Month of Gratitude Continues

I missed yesterday, but I certainly had many moments of thankfulness.  A hearing that I thought would be continued instead would move forward today, and my staff and I kicked into high gear.  I stopped working at 1:00 a.m. this morning, lay awake until 3:00 a.m. with a tooth-ache and leg pain, and then startled out of sleep at 7:20 thinking, holy cat-feathers, I told my client that I would be downtown by 8:00! I dashed out of the house fifteen minutes later:  No shower, no coffee, no breakfast, no make-up, but on time.

So here is my gratitude shout-out for tonight:

To the client from my hearing today, who patiently sat for four hours while I negotiated a settlement.

To Alan and Miranda, who threw themselves into helping me without complaint.

To whatever deep instinct awakened me despite the absence of an alarm.

To a friend in Chicago who took a moment to tell me to go get some rest.

To Paula and  Sheldon, who came to dinner on Monday, and released their deep, warm laughter into my house and my heart which lingers still, giving me lift, strength, and courage.

To the server at the Blue Koi who brought me a replacement sesame ball when I dropped one on the floor, delivered with a saucy smile.

And last, but certainly not least, to my friend Jessica, who went on a date with me tonight, sharing her energy, her fears, her dreams, her hopes, and her passion; and receiving mine.

The narrative of my life continues.  Onward, and upward.  I’m headed towards New Year’s Day, skating on solid ice with sure, even strides.  With so much glory in my life, how can I fail?

"The" Alan White, with the incomparable and lovely Jessica Genzer.

“The” Alan White, with the incomparable and lovely Jessica Genzer.

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