NY-25, Gratitude Day Seven

I awakened this morning feeling as though I had laid down on a highway and let a truck repeatedly drive over me.  “Oh, well, actually, I’m being hyperbolic,” she says, raising her eyebrows eastward to someone who might quibble with her use of the word.  I hear the echo of a friend’s voice responding, “You mean you are exaggerating“, and I chuckle.  “No, no!” I insist.  “I’m being hyperbolic.”  Sounds of laughter, a joke on me.

I wish I could say that I don’t know what it feels like to have a truck run over you, but I think I can guess since I once lost a fight with a VW Cirocco which left me lying in the roadway checking for lost contact lenses.  So believe me when I tell you, I have an inkling and today came close.

So, have I just squandered two paragraphs complaining?  No, no, my dear ones. I’ve set up my gratitude acknowledgment for today.  Can you guess?  No?  I’ll tell you.  I’m grateful for Dr. Jose Montoya of Stanford Medical Center’s Infectious Disease Clinic.  A prescription for Valcyte awaits me.  I fully anticipate that this morning of feeling unrefreshed and worse will soon be a distant, fading memory.

Now that’s something for which to be grateful!




For a short description of this drug, see: Wikipedia.  And see especially, footnote 5.  While I do not have CFS, I do have reactivation of the same virus which is thought to cause it.  The efficacy of this drug for my condition has not yet been completely established, but it’s the best hope anyone has found.  Wish me luck!

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