Not One Damn Thing About Which To Complain


I am alive.  My son is alive.  I have comparatively good health, as does he.  My sister Joyce broke her leg but apparently it’s a small break, painful but not insurmountable.  A kind family has come to her assistance.  My  other siblings all seem to be surviving.  My nephew who lives in the Twin Cities has gone to stay with a friend.  His mother sends regular updates.  She and her husband and their other son live far enough out in the suburbs to be protected from the chaos.    I have lost no one and nothing this week.

I hope and pray that each of you can say the same.  May you remain well and strong.  May the strength of love and compassion cradle you.  May your village surround you; your courage never fail you; and may every face that you encounter radiate kindness.

I have been unable to write all week.  I found myself horrified, mesmerized, and frozen in the wake of the events in Minneapolis.  I finally found words, feeble and faint perhaps but the best that I can manage so far.  Read them HERE.  I continue to reflect.  I continue to strive to live without complaining.  My reflection this week has strengthened my resolve.

I send love and light to each of you.  Be well. Stay safe.  Spread empathy where you can.  Lean on others if you find yourself falling.  Hold fast.  Resist despair.  Choose joy.

Mugwumpishly tendered.

Corinne Corley

Every year a single egret lingers in Jackson Slough  on the California Delta Loop near where I live. Here you see him cautiously stepping through the hyacinth.

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