Hanging with the girls.

I celebrated International Women’s Day by throwing a cup of scalding hot tea in my face and going out for pizza with my neighbors Laurie and Michelle, and Michelle’s six-year-old son Matthew.  The tea thing seems funny now.  As you can imagine, it really aggravated me at the time.  A sudden loud noise had its usual impact on my trauma-altered brain.  My hand flew into the air, showering tea everywhere. Thank God for the world’s thickest lenses.

The pizza experience provided actual contemporaneous laughs.  Maddening though this sounds, we did not take one blessed photograph.  So instead, I’ll upload every possible picture in my media file of the women who have influenced me and on whom I depend for guidance, nurturing, and inspiration.

I owe everything to the women who sustain me; and also to their partners and to their children.  The love of these women for me and my son keeps me however close to sane I can claim to dwell.  I need their endless support of my clumsy stumbling.   I give them little, but cherish them in every fibre of my being.  Women hold up more than half of my sky.  Their presence in my world humbles and honors me.

It’s the eighth day of March, 2019, International Women’s Day; and the end of the first week in the sixty-third month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

P.S.:  If you don’t see a picture of yourself or another woman whom you expect to see in this gallery, it’s probably because I don’t have a photo.  Send it to me, I’ll add it!

Click on each photo to enlarge.

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